The “easy” way to listen to internet radio in Ubuntu

I started with rhythmbox like most new Ubuntu users. It seemed nice enough but not in the area I was concerned with, internet radio. I tried out many players but was disappointed with different areas of different players. From Ubuntu 8.04 to 8.10 I was using the “good” Amarok (for KDE 3.5). Disappointed by the exclusion of that version in Ubuntu Jaunty 9.04 and unimpressed with workarounds like the PPA’s, I decided to play the field. I came across Exaile, which I’ve blogged about in the past. It’s a good enough player… most of the time. It crashed too often for my likings and I’m getting sick of pkilling it.

It struck me today that I needed a simplier more streamlined solution for my simple needs. I needed a console application. Through a little research, I found moc, which happens to play shoutcast streams as I’ve become accustom to.

I then proceeded to set myself the following way:

1 sudo apt-get install moc
2 mkdir -p ~/Music/internet_radio && cd ~/Music/internet_radio
3 wget -r -l2 -nd -Nc -A.pls
4 for file in *.pls; do mocp -a $file; done
5 mocp

1) Installed moc
2) created a directory to download all the playlists from (since this is the station I listen to most often)
3) wget all the playlists
4) add them all to moc
5) start moc and [tab] to the play list side, enter to play

enter — starts playing
s — stops playing
n — plays next item from the playlist
b — plays previous item from the playlist
space — pause
p — pause

S — plays at random
R — repeats the same song in a loop,
Next (X button below) must be OFF
X — switches to play sequentially
o — plays a file from the Internet
u — moves playlist item up
j — moves playlist item down
Ctrl+u — adds the URL to the playlist
g — searches marked string in file names
/ — searches marked string in file names

r — rereads the directory
T — switches to the theme selection menu
f — toggles display mode of song titles
TAB — switches marker bar between the playlist
and the file manager panels
l — switches between displaying the playlist
or the file manager panel
P — switches full path in the playlist
H — toggles hidden files view
Ctrl-t — toggles song duration time
Ctrl-f — toggles format file view
m — moves to directory entered in config file
G — moves to directory with currently played file
i — moves to marked directory
U — moves to upper directory
a — adds a file to the playlist
A — adds a directory recursively to the playlist
C — clears the playlist
V — saves the playlist
d — removes marked item from the playlist
Y — removes all empty items from the playlist

— increases volume by 1%
. — increases volume by 5%

x — toggles the mixer channel
? — shows help

! — goes to a fast dir 1 (set in config file)
@ — goes to a fast dir 2
# — goes to a fast dir 3
$ — goes to a fast dir 4
% — goes to a fast dir 5
^ — goes to a fast dir 6
& — goes to a fast dir 7
* — goes to a fast dir 8
( — goes to a fast dir 9
) — goes to a fast dir 10

F1 — executes ExecCommand1 (set in config file)
F2 — executes ExecCommand2
F3 — executes ExecCommand3
F4 — executes ExecCommand4
F5 — executes ExecCommand5

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